Ground-based activities complementary to Gaia


The Gaia space astrometry mission has been launched on 19 December 2013. Several objectives require ground-based observations. Since Gaia is not a space observatory but is mapping the sky with the constraint of a scanning law, observations from the ground are necessary to be performed to ensure the discovery, to follow up the transit events and finally to improve the scientific return. Several groups have organized such programs for photometry, spectroscopy and astrometry. In particular, astrometric alerts for Solar System Objects (SSO) are triggered since November 2016. In order to use these alerts, the Gaia-FUN-SSO network has been set up for performing a follow-up of critical Solar System Objects (SSO) which are detected by the probe but could be lost without ground-based astrometry. These ground-based observations are very useful for validating the detection from space. This page gives a short historical overview of the steps performed for these goals.

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